Dance With Me

by Tall Trees

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I've seen your face
A thousand times
But I've never seen it this way before...

I've seen your lips,
Heard each word they've dealt,
But never have I imagined just how they felt...

The way your hair falls,
And rests on your chest,
The way your pretty black dress falls at your thighs...

So soft and sweet,
Oh darling, please
Is it any wonder I can't control my mind?

So come on,
and Dance with me,
Dance with me.
Come on, dance with me,
Victimize me with those vixen eyes and
Dance with me.
Place my hands around your body and dance with me.
Curve those hips, 'cause I just wanna see you...

Take me now to a moment,
Where you feel the beat of my lonesome red drum.
A moment where your cheek will greet my cheek
And I can hold your heart so close to me, but,
I know it just can't be,

Because I know I'll never know you, if only in a dream.
I'll only know what my eyes can see.
So bring your body closer, love, much closer here to me.
And for just one night, love, won't you please?

[Guitar break]

Dance, dance, dance with me.
Dance, dance, dance with me.
Dance, dance, dance with me.
Dance, dance, dance with me.


released August 23, 2014
Lyrics by Jad Hammoud
Music by Tall Trees

Jad Hammoud - Guitar/Vox
Ethan Mitchell - Bass
Josh Wynnyk - Drums



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Tall Trees Ontario

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